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Olivier Midy

Olivier Midy produces high-end skin care products, and working on their investor deck was a pleasure. 

Because their products are high-end, Olivier Midy wanted a deck that matched their brand. The company provided some inspirational photos that showcased the colors and tones they wanted to see throughout the deck. Using that inspiration and some fantastic assets of their products, I was able to design a deck that was as sophisticated as Midy Brands. 


In the example to the left is the Target Market slide. I sourced all the photos and arranged them in a simple, minimalist square collage. I chose images of models matching Olivier Midy's description of their target market and images that reflected the brass and blue tones they wanted to see throughout the deck. 

Another thing Olivier Midy wanted was to match the font of their original packaging, but they did not know the font's name nor had contact with the packaging designer. I was able to identify the font family and, as a result, found a close match to the font they wanted. 

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